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@movq@uninformativ.de Do you know how I would find people that reply to my posts or replies or even mention my users? Prologic tried to contact me and unless I found him on the yarn pod then I would not know he exists and wants to talk to me. The user agents would work but I don’t know if I can view my web server logs from codeberg pages and I don’t know how to monitor my logs for mentions. What about the way yarn does it by added people you follow to your twtxt file and having friends of friends like yarn does it be a thing for jenny. Just an idea

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@jason@jasonsanta.xyz Yeah, that’s the weakest point of raw twtxt: Discoverability. If you don’t have access to your server’s logs, then you’ll have a hard time finding out if someone mentioned you. 🫤

In the beginning, jenny actually used to include the list of people that you follow in the twtxt file. This has later been changed for privacy reasons. (You can still include such a list at the top of your feed, but you’d have to do it manually or with a script or something.)

The huge advantage of Yarn is that it’s a server-side application. When someone fetches your feed, Yarn will know and it can tell you. That’s just not possible with plain files. 🫤

(btw, the URL to my feed should include a www.. Since you omitted that, my jenny didn’t highlight your messages. 😅)

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