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Microsoft’s new era of AI PCs will need a Copilot key, says Intel
Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and AMD have all been pushing the idea of an “AI PC” for months now as we head toward more AI-powered features in Windows. While we’re still waiting to hear the finer details from Microsoft on its big plans for AI in Windows, Intel has started sharing Microsoft’s requirements for OEMs to build an AI PC — and one of the main ones is that an AI PC must have Microsoft’s Copilot … ⌘ Read more

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@mckinley@twtxt.net which one would you call a legacy operating system? If referring to a previous Microsoft Windows OS, it will not be legacy for long. Granted, it might during our lifetime, but I tend to look (and often worry) a bit further.

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@prologic@twtxt.net You’re right, but they’re not going to stop until people vote with their wallets.

@bender@twtxt.net I’m not suggesting that people should use an old Windows version to avoid this. I’m saying that Windows in general should be considered a legacy operating system, and continued usage will only make you subject to more of this tracking and unnecessary garbage.

In other words, the situation will never improve. It will only get worse from here, so you might as well get out now while there are still plenty of life boats. Otherwise, when they do something that’s really over the line, you either have to go along with it or dive right into the cold ocean.

Windows is only kept alive at this point by a lack of knowledge about the alternatives, apathy, fear, and some enterprise software and games with support in Wine improving by the day.

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@prologic@twtxt.net He didn’t like LibreOffice Writer? Is he used to Microsoft Word or Apple Pages? I’ve had success getting non-technical Office refugees on LibreOffice, specifically Writer. Most people don’t need any fancy features and most things are located close enough to their counterparts on Word.

I show them how to export their documents as PDF before they share them with others and I use the (somewhat) immutability of PDFs and their portability (bundled fonts, rigid formatting, etc) to sell it. Those are two real benefits, but the main reason is that I don’t trust other software to handle ODTs and I don’t trust LibreOffice to write DOCXes. Although, I don’t know if I really need to be worried about either of them with basic documents. It’s probably worth investigating.

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