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Speed Limiters Now Mandatory In All New EU Cars
An anonymous reader shares a report: Cars have been able to figure out when they’re speeding for a while, thanks to GPS as well as traffic sign recognition, and they’ve also been able to pump the brakes automatically when needed. Having a computer automatically slow down a car in response to posted speed limits, therefore, was not really a question of technical feasibility for so … ⌘ Read more

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@slashdot@feeds.twtxt.net Great, now your car can slam the brakes randomly in addition to jerking the steering wheel randomly, i.e. lane keep assist. All these “safety features” add a fun new challenge to driving. You need to constantly be aware of your car’s computer misinterpreting something and respond to its reaction or you’re going to end up in a ditch or in the front of a 10 car pileup.

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@mckinley@twtxt.net yeah we already have this here in Australia, EV vehicles and your non-EV vehicles. And yes, it’s a pain in the arse as the car randomly breaks for things that a normal human driver wouldn’t break for just because the low eye detection races a false positive.

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