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@eaplmx@twtxt.net I do have GPG set up and I use the key a lot (like signing Git commits, release tarballs, password stores, …). Regarding email, though, let’s see …

I just skimmed over the mails of the last 2 years (back to July 2020). I’ve exchanged mails with 39 different people, which is way more than I expected. 😳 7 of those people were also using GPG and we sent some encrypted mails back and forth. 🤔 (Only counting direct mail to other people here, not notifications or mailing lists – those make up the vast majority, of course, and they’re all unencrypted.)

It’s more than I expected, but let’s be honest: Those other GPG users are mostly some uber-nerds that comment on something I wrote in my Gopher hole. 😅 “Normal people” don’t care, at all.

@mckinley@mckinley.cc Interesting read. 🤔 The idea of stamps seems intriguing. (Could this work? Do people care enough? Or are they gonna say “too complicated, why doesn’t it just work?!“? Because let’s be honest: Current email is probably good enough already for 99% of people …)

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@eaplmx@twtxt.net Whoops, I didn’t answer the “why do you use it”: Actually, I don’t really know …

It would be awesome to use GPG for private stuff, like family photos and such. A lot of sensitive information is sent that way (in my family at least). All of that is unencrypted, sadly, because nobody in my family uses GPG. I talked to them about it a couple of times, but it’s just too complicated. So now Google and other companies have a ton of photos with me on it. That really sucks a lot. (These kinds of things are gradually moving over to our family Matrix server, so it’s getting better. Not that Matrix is a great thing, but at least it’s self-hosted.)

So all the encrypted mail is mostly mundane stuff that could have been public anyway. 😂 Which brings us to the question why I bother …

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