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My hot take, adding to the banks vs crypto debate, happening here:

While banks in most countries, can be trusted, what I find more alarming, is there being only two companies (MaserCard a Visa), who handle international money transfers - both having ToS, that allow them to blacklist you, without even giving you the reason, why that decision was made. They are also both ran out of the same country.

I’m not saying crypto is the solution, competition is! Anything even close to a monopoly, in any field, should make people worried. There should also be no second chances, for the companies, institutions, or governments, cough mishandling peoples money.

PayPal withheld funds for unreasonably long and charged illegal and unjustifiable random fines, that earned them a class action lawsuit. No-one should do business, with a company this scummy and I immediately demanded, that they delete my account, when I found out this was happening.

Lastly, say what you will, about the protests of Canadian truckers. I don’t fully endorse, what they did (both sides made mistakes, in this conflict), but if my government withheld money, from anyone, over protests, I’d definitely not feel safe, knowing people like that, can touch all my money.

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