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Hey @sorenpeter@darch.dk, I’m sorry to tell you, but the prev field in your feed’s headers is invalid. 😅

First, it doesn’t include the hash of the last twt in the archive. Second, and that’s probably more important, it forms an infinite loop: The prev field of your main feed specifies http://darch.dk/twtxt-archive.txt and that file then again specifies http://darch.dk/twtxt-archive.txt. Some clients might choke on this, mine for example. 😂 I’ll push a fix soon, though.

For reference, the prev field is described here: https://dev.twtxt.net/doc/archivefeedsextension.html

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@sorenpeter@darch.dk Yes, that’s better, thanks! 👍

My client does not make use of the hash, so it’s fine for me. Other clients might, though, and I wonder how they’ll react to a “fictional” hash. 🤔 Maybe @lyse@lyse.isobeef.org or @prologic@twtxt.net have an opinion here. 😃

Oh, I forgot to mention: The URL should be relative to the fields location, so it should be prev = archive twtxt-archive.txt. (This is to allow for multi-protocol feeds.)

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@movq@www.uninformativ.de Exactly! :-D Or call it lazy in that case, to be honest. I just got used to all my workarounds in place. :-/ I still want to recreate tt2 one day. I started with it months ago and never touched it since. Too much other stuff going on.

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