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Here’s my conclusion on crypto social networks: At the end of the day, if users want to pay, I think they’d choose a social app that has one click payment and single click log in.

That is, without all the hoops and loops of creating wallets, buying crypto, paying in crypto, and logging in with wallets. That’s a lot of hassle for nothing.

Not to mention how ridiculously slow some of these crypto apps are. The webpage loading times are atrocious.

If you’re a hobbyist like Jack Dorsey, or rich, and you have enough money to throw away at random apps, then crypto scams may seem like the right place for you.

The entire basis for crypto social apps is to enable users to monetize their content. But my question is, who the hell wants to pay me to read my crap? Anyone? Is there anyone who would want to pay me for just posting my random thoughts online?
Because that’s what it is, isn’t it? Random thoughts.
They could be the smartest and wisest words any man has ever read, but are they worth paying for?

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