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Playing Oracle of Ages on Switch…

I’m not enjoying at all the Game Design. Has its moments, but nothing compared with Awakening or Minish Cap 😐

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My #AdventOfCode2023 has been calculating statistics for manufacturing 😆

Today was processing a list of states (e.g. A from 6:40 to 7:25, B from 7:25 to 8:15) and getting what happened hourly from 6am to the next 24 hours.
Put timezones into the equation for more fun.
And finally explain all that to the Jr.

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In-reply-to » It is a pleasure to work with the help system of Borland’s Turbo C++ 3.0 on DOS. The descriptions are clear and concise. There are short and simple examples. Pretty much every help page is cross-refenced and those links can be clicked.

never used Turbo C++, although I have good memories of QBasic and QuickBasic.

The help was amazing. You pressed some F key on a keyword, and you got an explanation, example code and a kind of Wiki to keep exploring and learning…

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In-reply-to » @eapl.me Whaaaaaaaat, you’re doing a programming challenge at this time of the year and it ISN’T Advent of Code?! 😱 😅

haha… AoC just started today and someone had the good idea of creating their challenge on November, so… 😅

Something I don’t like from Advent of code, is that there is a challenge every day. In December I want to rest a bit! I think a weekly challenge would be enough for me 😮

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My 1FA is Probably Better than Your MFA

Yep, I’ve always thought of authenticating with Key pairs on the web. We have something similar for Gemini, although that protocol by itself is very hipster.
And the alternative WebAuthn/Passkeys is pretty tricky to implement and not universally supported, although was designed with good intentions for the massive public… Result, (almost) no one uses it

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In-reply-to » @eapl.me I think we could negotiate something 😅 Let's talk! What would you ba after in terms of compensation and how much time would you want to devote? You know it would be work on yarnd, perhaps even saltyd 😅

sure! I was thinking of 5-8 hours a week and about 15 USD/hour, although both are negotiable.

How could we talk? Jitsi, salty.im?

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#Pokle #507

I like this micro game so much… I’m always amazed of the puzzles 😀

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