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In-reply-to » My sole interest in Threads is the possibility that I'll be able to communicate more easily with some family members and friends who only use Facebook/Instagram -- that is, include them in my fediverse-based conversations without having to use Facebook products.

@dangillmor@mastodon.social It’s likely they are… for self-serving reasons. It will help them comply with the DMA in the EU. This is the beauty of open standards combined with effective regulation.

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In-reply-to » @ocdtrekkie Life span of solar rooftops is still undetermined and could be as long as a hundred years or more. Recycling or not, solar energy is still far better for the environment than status quo.

@kevin@famichiki.jp I mean if you would possibly consider replacing your panels for these vastly more efficient ones (understandable!) than that theoretical lifetime doesn’t really matter, does it?

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In-reply-to » Unbelievable... in the next decade or so we will get solar panels on our rooftops with more than 33% conversion rates. That is more than double what the normal cells got when I built my house in 2012, and I haven't paid for electricity in 11 years at that house.

@kevin@famichiki.jp Hope they sort out the recycling for all the panels on people’s roofs currently… Far as I know that’s still not a solved problem.

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In-reply-to » @aredridel I vaguely recall that the stated reason for this is that kolektiva's admin(s) are uncooperative when confronted with bad behavior of their users (since that's what anarchy is all about right? 🙄), so that doesn't really leave other instances much of an option for protecting their users.

@aeva@mastodon.gamedev.place@aredridel@kolektiva.social Servers can block individuals from other servers. The decision to block an entire server because it contains one person the admin doesn’t like is definitely *an option* though.

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In-reply-to » @aredridel@tim I've been heavily advocating for a notification to users when they lose follows/followers because their admin made a defederation, but for anti-abuse reasons it's really hard to notify people they're on the server that got defederated.

@aredridel@kolektiva.social@tim@union.place The .art admin is not ever going to change their behavior, so people should either stay on the server if they prefer that conduct, or leave if they don’t. But right now the impact is silent, so it’s hard for people to make an informed choice.

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In-reply-to » @tim Yeah, this lack of accountability is the real bugbear. Like how do you even find out? If it's a mistake how do you get it fixed? And so many uninvolved people are impacted and they have no way to even know without close monitoring.

@aredridel@kolektiva.social@tim@union.place I’ve been heavily advocating for a notification to users when they lose follows/followers because their admin made a defederation, but for anti-abuse reasons it’s really hard to notify people they’re on the server that got defederated.

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In-reply-to » I think now that the dust has settled, we need to understand mastodon.social is bad; not only are they going to federate meta, but they are just too big in general. We must consider a #fediblock for mastodon.social .

@skymtf@tech.lgbt What dust has settled? Threads launching? It’s not federated, it’s not ready to federate, and we have no idea what it will look like once it is ready to federate.

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In-reply-to » @tom4okstate@leo unfortunately given how users and instances are negatively reacting to Threads potentially federating (some instances have already preemptively Fediblocked it), I don’t think they will anytime soon.

@alchemistmuffin@mastodon.social@tom4okstate@masto.ai@leo@twit.social This is fiction. While there’s a radical core of smaller servers who are obsessed with preemptive defederation, most servers, and most users, are not going to be preemptively defederated.

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In-reply-to » The nature of Mastodon as a balkanized hobbyist endeavor means that nothing here, nothing at all, is permanent. Everything you post, all the drama, all the passion, will fall victim to database crashes or host failure or bugs. A million toots, lost, like tears in the rain.

@greycat@kitty.social Yeah I am kinda glad my Google+ posts are lost to time, and I won’t mind my tweets following suit shortly.

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In-reply-to » In the interest of transparency I have received an apology of sorts for this email

@drewdevault@fosstodon.org Well, like, sort of? I guess it’s good he recognizes his conduct in the email is unconscionable, but he’s still begging you not to criticize an absolutely unapologetic problem individual, instead of recognizing that maybe he cannot see the problem.

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