In-reply-to » Today, JHCon 2022 starts in South Bohemian city of Budweis (where the one and only true Budweiser Beer is brewed) - the annual meeting of Czech, Slovak and from time to time also Polish and Austrian ZX Spectrum users. I have been organizing it since January 2003, so it will be the 21st one. In 2019 we had to change place (my original high school got a new management and that cancelled all weekend events permanently), then in 2020 and 2021 CoViD-19 made it impossible to meet in bigger numbers, so I made just a small meetings each year in our countryside house for five or six people. This year will be kind of reboot of the whole event and I just hope, that someone will arrive. Z80 assembly time!

Twelve ZX Spectrum friends arrived in the first day. Nice. After two weird years 8bit people meet again. And everyone is visibly happy to see each other.

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