In-reply-to » I share with you the first 'public alpha' of the tool to vote for the best time on an International Call.

Thank you for the feedback and your votes (Bananas, Søren Peter, prologic) !

On the programming side, this problem is not that challenging (yet). Ask availability to your friends, and make some statistics with it, sum, sets. I think this will be done quickly.

On the product design and user interface sides, it has been challenging.
It’s different if you ask to decide between Tue 9pm, Wed 9pm or Thu 9pm. vs. deciding two days, vs a whole week (24 x 7 = 168 possible options)

We have discussed getting inspiration from Doodle and Framadate but I find that is difficult to make it accessible, and for a week’s view those are also confusing.


Currently, I’m focusing on the use case of deciding on a Weekly call on Fridays and Saturdays in the mornings or afternoons (about 48 different options), but I’m trying to find a better strategy. Perhaps divide and conquer (Fri mornings, Fri afternoons, Sat mornings, Sat afternoons)

What do you think?

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