In-reply-to » @marado I really like what you said [here}( although I don't think my translation does it justice, so maybe you can re-iterate it here in English? 🤔 IIUC I think you're saying / Twtxt is quite a bit different as we place more of an emphasis on the "decentralisation" rather than "building a network and protocols", if so, this is true, as I try to refer to things as "ecosystem" and "specs". Well, basically I refer to a “radical decentralization”, with twtxt you don’t need to host a pod or maintain any software, nor rely on any 3rd parties, you can simply manage a text file, and make it available however works best for you. It provides a quite refreshing sort of independence I mostly miss from the internet of decades ago. Mastodon is nice, but it doesn’t give you /that/.

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