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Yarn could the twtxt I want more then regular twtxt. Though I do like not having to host a yarn pod.

That client looks really cool. A web client that connects to a regular twtxt without the need to host a full yarn pod for just one user and feed.
What is the difference between twtxt-php and timeline from sorenpeter? Does it have a way to follow feeds from the web ui?

I was looking at it and what prevents someone from downloading the .config file and getting the password? Also how would I generate a totp password to use?
I should try to host that it might be the right not a full on yarn pod but also can post from my phone.

The weird thing is in my server logs it shows that your site pulled in the useragent as https://eapl.me/twtxt/?url=https%3A//neotxt.dk/user/darch/twtxt.txt with bytesypider from bytedance? That sounds weird. Plus I can’t grep just twtxt in my logs and find your feed.

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I could try and host timetime it does look nice.

That part is missing on the Web side, there is a commented PHP code to do that
That code would end up generating an totp secret that I could put into the config?

Does it have a way to follow feeds from the web ui?
Yes, but you have to be logged in. Currently can only add URLs, not edit or unfollow.
How would I edit or unfollow?

That fit website would be nice to just genete a secret and put it into the .config and then using the totp code to login.

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Didn’t know of bytesypider and bytedance, I assume those are bots, although I no idea why they are pointing to that address to your site
You gave me a good idea to block bytespider. Its just weird what it pulls in.

twtxt-php isn’t sending User-Agent headers as it’s in the original spec:
sending user agent would be a nice thing to have so that people using regular twtxt clients can find you and anyone else hosting twtxt-php or timeline

HTTP logs are annoying but webmention has an issue that it needs a server to check for webmentions. The server can be an external one or hosted on the same server as far as I can find.
But also HTTP logs need a server that one can view the logs.

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