In-reply-to » I am thinking about setting up a yarn instance. Twtxt is cool but it would be nice to be able to post from my phone. Local posting would be a cool feature for yarn to have. A feed that can only be viewed by logged in users of that instance.
Yarn could the twtxt I want more then regular twtxt. Though I do like not having to host a yarn pod.

That client looks really cool. A web client that connects to a regular twtxt without the need to host a full yarn pod for just one user and feed.
What is the difference between twtxt-php and timeline from sorenpeter? Does it have a way to follow feeds from the web ui?

I was looking at it and what prevents someone from downloading the .config file and getting the password? Also how would I generate a totp password to use?
I should try to host that it might be the right not a full on yarn pod but also can post from my phone.

The weird thing is in my server logs it shows that your site pulled in the useragent as with bytesypider from bytedance? That sounds weird. Plus I can’t grep just twtxt in my logs and find your feed.

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