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kokori’s album “rootkit” is going to be released on CD next month.

This is the album I’m most proud of have having made.

Accepting pre-orders now!


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In-reply-to » FBI Abused Spy Law 280,000 Times In a Year The FBI misused surveillance powers granted by Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) over 278,000 times between 2020 and early 2021 to conduct warrantless searches on George Floyd protesters, January 6 Capitol rioters, and donors to a congressional campaign, according to a newly unclassified court opinion. The Register reports: On Friday, the US Foreign Intelligenc ... ⌘ Read more interesting reading for those who consider CJEU’s stance on metadata retention inconvenient.

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O que se tira da novela do dia, óbvio mas que ninguém está a apontar: 1) não se usam equipamentos de dados para manter dados privados; 2) usar whatsapp para coisas profissionais, estatais e/ou governamentais é profundamente errado, deve ser criticado e não pode ser normalizado.

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