In-reply-to » So last year I came across a bunch of NFT & crypto social networks and wanted to see how they've fared.

So who the hell’s got time to go through a dozen steps just to make their first post on some niche social platform? Download an app, create an account, verify email, complete the onboarding process, make a payment, verify account, then visit a bunch of crypto social clones, log in using your wallet nonsense, create your profile, and then make your first post?
Not to mention the “unexpected error”s, “an unknown error has occurred” and “this app has stopped working”… geez! Has it? I must be blind! Is this a braille phone that I’m using?!

From the server’s end, I’d expect the devs to take care of all the encryption and secure storage. Blockchain or not is irrelevant. The average user doesn’t care if the data’s stored in a blockchain or a text file.

They’ve copied every popular FOSS and proprietary apps out there and integrated their own crypto nonsense into them. Log in with your wallets, stand around in a circle and praise whatever cryptocoin they’ve invested in, buy more of their crypto stuff etc

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