In-reply-to » So last year I came across a bunch of NFT & crypto social networks and wanted to see how they've fared.

I’m wondering, how free speech, uncensorable and open are these platforms really? Can someone log in and say, “Hey! This crypto coin sucks! And the log in method for this site absolutely sucks!”
Can one say that?
I mean, isn’t that one of the features blockchain has been touting for years in the past, as far as I can remember?

Farcord - clone of Discord.
Flink - Reddit clone.
Opencast - Twitter clone.
Tiles - VSCO clone.
Kiwi News - HN clone.
Launchcaster - ProductHunt clone…
and the list goes on…

Now to be fair, the Fediverse and other independent platforms as well have also copied and reproduced their own versions of the mainstream social platforms. But most of them are free, were created and intended and meant to be free and open and to counter surveillance and censorship from corporations and governments.

What’s the goal of crypto nonsense platforms? To make money.
And they do this by lying and hiding crucial information from their victims.

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