In-reply-to » LILYGO’s ESP32-based module comes with 2.41” AMOLED display The LILYGO T4 S3 is a small IoT module that supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5 (LE) and it’s equipped with a 2.41” AMOLED display with capacitive touchscreen capabilities. This open-source board was designed for developers and hobbyists since it also supports Arduino and MicroPython. This is another recent module from LILYGO based on […] ⌘ Read more I don’t have a clue if they work or not. 😅 There are probably studies, but I’m too lazy to search now. 🤣

I, myself, don’t remember even having clicked on one of those banners and then proceeded to actually buy something. But what certainly does work on me is the effect of hearing/seeing a certain brand over and over again. “Oh, that’s a Logitech mouse, I know that manufacturer.” Stuff like that.

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