In-reply-to » Social media should be forbidden before 18. I disagree with your disagreement… How about that? Just joking… It’s OK to disagree

I think giving an e-device is worse than allowing a teenager to create a profile on social media. Finally they are having social profiles at school and in real life, not changing neurons and the brain itself. The interesting part is that teenagers reach to be ‘public’ figures earlier. But again, you have to cross some boundaries like sexual content or bullying, to be really dangerous. Other than that is similar exposure that teenagers have at school, and without some platform regulating content…
Yes, there are suicides, but not for every person, while every toddler is changing their brain and losing skills. (I need to find references here, for sure)
Is not black and white, both have risks. That’s why I say, it’s similar. Both require attention from parents, but taking e-devices away is less convenient as they take care of children.

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