In-reply-to » What kind of fucking bullshit is this horrible Go template garbage!? What the hell is wrong with my template? I rip it all out and replace it with some other template engine that doesn't suck balls. Holy fuck. What a giant waste of time, every fucking time I deal with this shit. End of rage. :-) Yeah, I kind of agree. But having separate template files helps in the developing process. Just think of the syntax highlighting alone instead of large monotone strings in your Go code. :-) Also, depending on the permissions of the viewer, one certainly needs a bunch of conditionals to show or hide certain things in the output. Also, auto-escaping is something I don’t want to miss. Inheriting is also at least needed for the layout stuff. Maybe Go code alone is the way to go for smaller code bases. Especially if there is no dedicated designer who just wants to work on HTML & CSS and doesn’t touch the programming side. I’m doing everything myself here, so, it might work. I would definitely need a set of some helpers to make quick use of my rendering inside Go in order to not go totally insane.

I don’t like the additional parentheses in jet. Also a bunch of yields for invocation and the weird mix of content and actual parameters for custom “functions”. Doesn’t directly appeal to me. A custom loader for the go:embed file system could easily be added, though. Didn’t actually try out anything, just looking at the examples in the docs and the code itself. Now investigating pongo2. Very promising looking so far.

Maybe I just pause and experiment with my own “engine” in pure Go. Again, missing syntax highlighting is gonna be my worst enemy I reckon.

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