Plan A: Go to Esslingen with the canoe. That was foiled by blocked off streets for a bicycle race. It was impossible to get anywhere where we could enter the river Neckar.

Plan B: Lake Max-Eyth in Stuttgart. On the way we encountered plenty of other blocked off raods from the bicycle race and one particular traffic light let only four cars pass at most. It took us 15 minutes alone on that crossing. Then all the myriads of road works, man. It once again proofed that only insane people go to Stuttgart by car. Two bloody hours later at the destination the green-blue algea put its spoke in our wheels. Definitely avoid skin contact with that water. Downwind it smelled horribly.

So then for plan C we hiked a little bit down the riverside (the lake is next to the river) to find a shady place where we could picknick. We finally found a spot among a tree and spent some nice hours.

Yeah, super preparation on our end. But who would think of a bicycle race in the first place?

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