In-reply-to » QOTD: How do you listen to your music? It’s very simple. Quot Libet is my player at the moment, it’s okay, but not great. I really did like Amarok back in the days (unfortunately, not available in Debian anymore), then tried Clementine and switched to xmms2 for a bunch of years. I had a few scripts around it. I don’t remember why I moved away from it, though. A few years back I gave mpd a try, but could never get it to work properly.

Quod Libet usually just plays the whole collection from top to bottom and I manually skip every now and then. Sometimes even entire bands.

I’ve got all sorts of file types in ~/music. Usually each artist gets their own directory, depending on how many stuff I’ve got, there’s usually a directory for the album and then come the tracks. Filenames are all over the place, for new stuff I use lowercase only and no spaces but dashes. I make use of common meta data such as artist, title, genre, often also year, album and track number. These days I get a lot of new music from YouTube and cut the start and end off with Audacity. The last three fields are only filled when I can be bothered to look them up.

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