@jason@jasonsanta.xyz / @movq@www.uninformativ.de Help me debug something I just observed here… @jason@jasonsanta.xyz posted a Twt (https://twtxt.net/twt/4cgtisa) with raw line of (from his feed):

2022-09-03T03:40:19Z	(#ohihfkq) @<maya https://maya.land/assets/twtxt.txt> you got starlink?

Basically replying to β€œsomething” that hashed to #ohihfkq

However #ohihfkq appears nowhere that I can find. I know this can sometimes happen due to edits, or deletes, so just curious to see what happened here. Also @jason@jasonsanta.xyz, @maya@maya.land as far as many of us that have been using Twtxt/Yarn over the years have come to understand that she is basically a 1-way poster, posts to Mastodon and mirrors her posts to a Twtxt feed, but never responds to anyone or anything πŸ˜… Just FYI πŸ€—

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