In-reply-to » @prologic I didn't think too much of him previously; didn't dislike him any more than I dislike billionaires generally. He just seemed like a run of the mill rich guy con artist who happened to appeal to a certain type of tech guy. But, the other day he tweeted something about his first born child dying in his arms and how he felt the last heartbeat. But then his ex-wife tweeted that no, in fact the child had suffered from SIDS and died in her arms. And that soured me on him completely forever. He's the sort of self-important narcissist who would make up something about a dying baby to try to score points in an online argument. That's so pathetic and contemptible. and Steve Jobs, and Trump, and Sergey Brin.

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People are not trusting anymore on politicians, religious leaders or elders, so they are looking for figures like ‘self-made billionaires’

We know that’s a romantic PoV, we can watch the amazing keynotes from Jobs and the beautiful products, but that’s only a thin slice of what’s behind a Public Relations team.

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