In-reply-to » Microsoft’s new era of AI PCs will need a Copilot key, says Intel Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and AMD have all been pushing the idea of an “AI PC” for months now as we head toward more AI-powered features in Windows. While we’re still waiting to hear the finer details from Microsoft on its big plans for AI in Windows, Intel has started sharing Microsoft’s requirements for OEMs to build an AI PC — and one of the main ones is that an AI PC must have Microsoft’s Copilot ... ⌘ Read more He likes it enough which is good. The painful part is some OSS software just really sucks ass 😢 He’s found it particularly hard to find a decent “document” editor/tool he likes. He’s stuck with Abiword for now, but it’s not the most polished ir easiest to use. It also saves things in a really weird non-portable? format?

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