In-reply-to » @eaplme Yarn could the twtxt I want more then regular twtxt. Though I do like not having to host a yarn pod.

Didn’t know of bytesypider and bytedance, I assume those are bots, although I no idea why they are pointing to that address to your site
You gave me a good idea to block bytespider. Its just weird what it pulls in.

twtxt-php isn’t sending User-Agent headers as it’s in the original spec:
sending user agent would be a nice thing to have so that people using regular twtxt clients can find you and anyone else hosting twtxt-php or timeline

HTTP logs are annoying but webmention has an issue that it needs a server to check for webmentions. The server can be an external one or hosted on the same server as far as I can find.
But also HTTP logs need a server that one can view the logs.

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